Construction opportunities

We are on a journey to build 10,000 new homes across the capital and through our construction partners, there will be hundreds of new opportunities to work in the construction industry.
As part of each of our property development sites, there will be local jobs and apprenticeships available and we want to help Londoners access these opportunities.
If you are interested in a career in construction, we want to help you on your journey; whether you are interested in becoming an engineer or a surveyor, joiner or a plant operator or another of the many careers you may not have known existed.


There are more than 150 careers pathways in the construction industry ranging from office to site-based roles, each of which offer an exciting opportunity to develop a sustainable career path in the sector.
Find out about these different roles on the GoConstruct website, a dedicated industry portal that provides information on careers in the sector.
If you have any questions, contact [email protected]

TfL’s Mayor’s Construction Academy Hub

The academy was set up to ensure Londoners have the skills they need to thrive in the capital’s fast-growing construction industry; coordinated across seven hubs established within London to ensure skills supply meets skills demand.
We were appointed as one of the seven hubs selected for the programme and aim to:

  • Boost the number of skilled workers and opportunities in construction, particularly for women and those from black, Asian and ethnic minority (BAME) backgrounds
  • Provide more high-quality training and initiatives across the capital to give Londoners the skills needed to enter and progress in construction
  • Increase collaboration in the sector, particularly between small and medium sized businesses and construction skills training providers
  • Support the development of training provision for the construction of more precision manufactured housing in London

Our MCA Hub works with construction industry employers and representative organisations including, large employers, SMEs, federations, trade bodies, professional institutions, FE providers, independent providers, universities, local authorities and employment brokerages.
If you have any questions about our MCA Hub or would like to find out more contact [email protected]