Decision making

Determine which career path is right for you.

Sometimes it can be difficult to weigh up pros and cons of university, apprenticeships, degree apprenticeship or entry level employment. So to help we’ve put together some points to consider.


What qualifications do they currently have and what do they want to achieve? If they have 5 GCSEs including English language and Maths or equivalents, do they want to study towards their A levels qualifications?

If they have A levels or their equivalents, do they want to obtain degree qualifications?

For more information about different qualification routes, please visit our site here

Learning preference

Do they enjoy studying traditionally or do they prefer learning through practical activities? If they are academic and enjoy learning through theory, they might want to consider further education or university, however if they’re more practical and like hands-on work, an apprenticeship would be a perfect option for them.


With the combination of tuition fees and costs of living, university can be very expensive and put a lot of people in debt. Apprenticeships, instead, are fully paid for and apprentices get their wage. Apprenticeship salaries at TfL start at London living wage for level 2 and 3 and they get higher with the level.


Do they want to relocate for a job/university or are they comfortable staying at home? Would they want to travel abroad as part of their job/university exchange programme? All our roles are based at a number of locations around London and currently we don’t have international placements. During the pandemic, most of our office-based employees have been working from home.

Social life

Do they want to be part of a large campus community and develop their social life at university or would they rather build a wide network whilst also being part of a smaller cohort through their apprenticeship? At TfL, we hire around 150 apprentices each year and we have many network groups in the organisation. Everyone is welcome to join. Also, some apprentices, depending on a programme, are on a course with apprentices from other companies so they can network with like minded individuals from outside of the company.

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