Support Network

At TfL all our apprentices are supported throughout the whole apprenticeship programme. 

Our development team, training providers and managers are always there to support each apprentice.

We offer a mentoring and buddying programme where a senior apprentice from that programme will offer plenty of advice, guidance and one to one support. We invest a lot in our apprentices as we want them to be the future of our business and we want them to feel comfortable in a workplace so they can fully develop their skills and thrive.

There are also many Staff Network Groups that anyone can join. These are for example: Disability, Faith, LGBT+, RACE (Raising Awareness of Culture and Ethnicity), Wellbeing, Women and many more. They offer regular meetings to discuss different topics, organise events and provide a lot of support.

Our apprentices also benefit from structured networking opportunities. At TfL we organise a variety of events, where apprentices can expand their professional network and get to know colleagues from outside of TfL. They can take part in a range of different activities and initiatives available to them within the company, for example attend career fairs, take part in assessment centres, attend business specific events to promote early talent.

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