Get ready for your video interview

Have you applied for one of our roles? Is the next step your video interview? Does it feel like a daunting task? Here’s some helpful hints and tips to help you prepare!

You are just steps away from being part of an organisation that’s creating a better London for millions of people. In your interviews, we’re not trying to catch you out but we just want to understand why you’re interested in TfL and why you’ve chosen your particular role: whether it be Civil Engineering, Project Controls, Transport Planning or one of our many other exciting apprenticeship opportunities.

Here’s some questions to get your mind thinking:

  • What do you enjoy about TfL? 😆
  • Why would you want to work for us? 🤝
  • Are there any particular projects or innovations which we are doing which you’re interested in? 🚉
  • Heard anything about us in the news recently or have you researched us online? 📺💻📰
  • What are we currently trying to achieve – think about our future goals? 🏆

When thinking about your role, also consider:

  • Why did you choose this role over any others, what stood out about it?
  • Do you really understand what your role will involve?
  • Have you read up about the placements you’ll go on: and know why they’re important to TfL and your own development?

To help you, we’ve prepared some top tips from our current apprentices:

  1. Think about why you want to work for TfL, does it fit in with your future career goals? 🤔
  2. Read up on the full job description and do further research on the role including day to day responsibilities 📖
  3. When you’re ready to do the interview, make sure you’re feeling comfortable and in a quiet room with no distractions 🔕
  4. Use the practise question to get used to recording yourself ⏺
  5. Don’t do it on the last day! ⏱
  6. Emphasise your voice and make sure you speak clearly 🗣
  7. Think about what you’re wearing, you don’t need to be in a suit but probably best not to wear your pyjamas! 👔

Lastly, Practice, Practice, Practice! 👍

“I wasn’t looking forward to the video interview. I thought I’d be really nervous but I looked through all the top tips and thought about why I’d applied to a role in Human Resources. Now I’ve completed it, I’d be much more confident taking a video interview again, especially since I got to do it from the comfort of my own home!
Ewan, current HR apprentice