Track and Signals Apprenticeships are open!

Are you a hands-on person? πŸ”¨ Do you like problem solving and working with others in a practical environment?

If the answer is yes, you should check out our London Underground Track πŸ›€ and Signals πŸš₯ apprenticeship programmes.
As one of our Track apprentices πŸ›€, you’ll play a key part in ensuring that the Track Assets are constantly maintained and inspected so that the track is in a safe condition to allow the operation of passenger rolling stock πŸš†.
Signals apprentices πŸš₯ will have the opportunity to maintain all signalling assets, deliver projects and new installations, get the signalling systems up and running when signal failures occur and drive new ideas πŸ’‘ to optimise our current systems.
We asked some of our stuff members what they enjoy the most working in Track:

β€œThe travelling public of London rely on us to get them to work and back home on time, so we have to find solutions to keep the trains running.
I work with a motivated team of people who always find a solution. It is always a good feeling when the service starts on time each morning and although the travelling public are unaware of the work we do to achieve this it brings a great deal of professional satisfaction.”
– James Dewar – Track Manager Metropolitan and Hammersmith & City Lines.

When asked about the most enjoyable project, Neil from Signals said:

β€œThe Victoria Line Upgrade, this was a multi-million pound project that involved installing a brand new signalling system to replace the aging legacy system that was developed in the 1960s, to replace the entire Victoria Line rolling stock and to upgrade others assets.
The project was very challenging as it brought many disciplines together who all had one aim of ensuring the project was delivered on time and on budget. From a signalling perspective it was particularly challenging as the new system had to be overlaid on to the old system so the new and old rolling stock could run together, additionally the staff had to be trained on a completely new and modern signalling system.
It didn’t always go smoothly but everyone worked as one team to ensure it was a success. The hard work that was put in during the project is a testament to the reliability of the Victoria Line today.”
– Neil Elrick – Lead Signalling Systems Manager, Bakerloo & Victoria Line

Sound good?
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