Q&A with Arooba, Project Controls apprentice

Excited by inspiring and influencing the future of London? Not sure about going to Uni? Want to earn and learn at the same time? Meet Arooba and hear her story.

After completing her GCSE’s, she decided to take an unconventional path for her career, believing she was better suited to practical learning in a working environment.
Today, Arooba is currently completing a Level 3 Project Controls Apprenticeship whilst gaining a foundation certificate in Project Management, as well as a Diploma in Project Control Practice. She is learning from industry-leading professionals within a team who are responsible for monitoring and analysing progress and performance data 📊 on a variety of TfL’s exciting projects 🏗 and new initiatives.
Here’s what she had to say:
Why did you choose an apprenticeship at TfL?
I decided I wanted to join TfL as an apprentice because I was looking for an opportunity which would allow me to gain my qualification 📜 while I was working.
Along with this, I had heard very positive experiences from others, this organisation is so well-connected that there are many career development opportunities available. Employees are seen as the future so our career development is seen as a main focus. 😎
What has been your biggest achievement so far?
My biggest achievement so far was winning Women in Rail – Apprentice of the Year. 🏆 Being only five months into my career when I was nominated, this was definitely something I did not expect. I am extremely lucky to be within TfL as I couldn’t imagine getting more support than I do now. It was truly a dream come true! 😁
How do you manage your time between studying for your qualification whilst working?
I tend to have a set afternoon 🕑 in which I am just focusing on college work 📚. This not only means that I have a set pattern but also my team are also aware that I am not around for meetings.
What is the best thing about gaining a qualification this way?
Personally, I never enjoyed the way school was structured. I found it difficult to just memorise something and write it down  word for word. With my qualification now, I have to apply the theory which I am taught. I love this method of applied learning! 😍
What are your future ambitions and how has your apprenticeship with TfL helped you move towards achieving these?
I hope to one day be leading TfL within the role of Transport Commissioner 🚌 🚇 🚕. I truly admire everything we stand for as an organisation and believe that the work which we are doing will shape London within the years to come.
My apprenticeship has allowed me to enter the workplace and show my willingness to work hard. Coming in as an apprentice, everyone wants to help you develop; they understand you are there to learn. It is an outstanding opportunity! 👍

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